Sunday, January 9, 2011

Incredible Savings

Here's the long-awaited guest post from Mr. Living Green, Saving Green; I hope you enjoy! ~ Allyson

I would have liked to typed this guest blog entry sooner, but with vacation and other blog posts where I was on worker status, I didn’t have it in me to type it out. I know...I is just a short blog post, but I am not the blogging queen like my wonderful wife.

Little backstory to bring you up to speed with my cellular story... February 2010 my mother purchased a Palm Pre Plus and I also got one because of a BOGO special Verizon was running at that time. I have thoroughly enjoyed the convenience of having a smartphone and we have used it for a lot of helpful applications beyond it just being my everyday phone. In the life of the phone, however, I have had to have it replaced under warranty for some technical issues. The second replacement being in the first part of December for battery overheating issues.

The question I faced was do I replace a phone and mobile OS experience that I really enjoy or switch over to another phone. I decided I would start searching if I could make the switch over to another phone at little to no cost to me, because it is the “Saving Green” way to do things. In my searching, I had decided I would stick with a smartphone, but would go with an android based phone. I went to our local Verizon reseller and tried a couple models out to get an idea for size and feel, so that when I could get to a corporate store I would no how to best use my two year upgrade pricing that I found to be an option on our plan for my line.

Enter the middle of December with a great smartphones for the month of December. They chose four smartphones per carrier and made them free with new 2 year contracts or upgrades. So, with my wife totally unaware of my plans, I called and told her we were going to the big city to get me a new phone. She is usually skeptical of my last minute half-baked plans and this time would be no different, but when I used words like "free" and "gratis" (that's Spanish for free, for those of you who weren't in the know)...she went along with the plan.

We called on the way down and asked if they could set one aside for us, so when we arrived walked up and told Shawn my name and he got my phone out of the back to begin setting it up. 25 minutes later, and after not even having to take my wallet out except to double check my license number, I was the proud new owner of a free HTC Droid Incredible.

After having the phone a couple weeks, I have been really pleased with the purchase and the general sense of outdoing myself on the deal. Allyson will be the first to tell I am a master of saving green, but this was such a good way to finish out 2010.

What deals have you found lately that make you just want to put another feather in your cap? Good luck and keep searching for those incredible savings.

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  1. Nicely done... and a nice job on the handrail too! Now, just tell the rest of us how you scout out all those great deals, will you? Please???