Friday, April 2, 2010

It is Happy Hour somewhere...

Allyson most recent post and mine might share some content in common because we wrote them independently of each other, but they are both good reads.

Somehow Allyson has this ability to get me to do stuff that I normally would not want to do. Example...writing guest blog post is one of them. She sees stuff like writing, gardening, crafty stuff, and pretty much anything else like that as fun. I however see those activities for what they truly are...that's right guessed it...WORK!! I however love my wife way too much, so therefore I guess I can begin the long and "tiny little path on the side of a cliff that even a mountain goat couldn't travel along" journey to finding the zen nirvana state of enlightenment that is writing blog post.

As you know from the most recent post we are in lovely San Diego on a vacation/work trip for Allyson. We have had a great time and been able to see and do a lot of fun things. My post today will be about something I don't often do, but feel I have totally been passed on by the "saving green" bandwagon. HAPPY HOUR...that's much of a save green person that I am I don't have much experience with going to happy hour specials at restaurants. Best I can figure it is because I often like to cook at home or just haven't been in a more urban place where these types of specials are more prevalent.

Enough of the are here to read about the savings.

We spent yesterday morning and early afternoon touring the USS Midway. Decommissioned after Operation Desert Storm and later made into a floating museum, we had a great time learning all about the workings of aircraft carriers and their role in the naval fleet. We left and took the bus to Ocean Beach to get tacos and such at South Beach Bar & Grill. It has become a good local place to go for non-traditional fish tacos. They have some of the best flavor and really fresh ingredients. Mahi, Wahoo, Baja, Shrimp they had a good selection. The prices were good even if we hadn't gone at happy hour, but they are even better during that time. Tacos - 2.50, beer - 3.00 (pints), and appetizers - 1/2 off. We ended up doing carne asada fries (fries, cheese, sour cream and guacamole, and carne asada) and a taco sampler (5 different tacos) plate and two drinks. With tip came to 15 and some change.

The evening was finished off with a trip to Trader Joe's to pickup some things for the return trip, a bottle of wine to pair with our 3 dollar dessert (another 5 dollar coupon for cleaning our room ourselves) we would get at the hotel.

What I learned in all of our eating this week are that there are deals to be had, but you just have to search them out. Happy hours specials are not something I immediately think of doing, but they have been great finds for us this week. I guess I will be a little bit more mindful of these in the future.

There is truth in the statement that it is 5:00 somewhere, but along the same lines of it is 5:00 somewhere that also means that it is happy hour somewhere too.

Happy Eating and good luck making this a weekend for living and saving green.

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