Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cupcakes from Heaven

Before we left for San Diego, Benny and I made some chocolate hazelnut cupcakes for his mom and Matt, our brother-in-law, for their birthdays. (A bit belated, but well worth it, I think!)

Since Benny couldn't eat one (he still had the stomach bug), I made them again this week for small group. We've decided they're the most chocolate-y goodness this side of heaven, especially with the Nutella icing on top. (Side note... my grandmother, who has traveled all over Europe, had never experienced Nutella until these cupcakes this afternoon. That should be criminal... to have never had this chocolate hazelnut spread.) The chocolate shavings just add to the yummy goodness. (Sorry the pic is so horrible, something happened to the autofocus and I'm not sure yet how to fix it.) Here's the link to the web magazine where we found the original recipe (check out the table of contents for the recipe, plus more).

That's all the culinary tricks for this week. It's spring break for Mom, so she's here while I wrap up our makeup snow days.

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