Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Cleaning Green

Since having our little one, we've definitely streamlined our cleaning (not the we loved doing it so much that we spent hours on it before!).  We're in the process of implementing a cleaning schedule, including the diaper washing rotation, and have found that incredibly helpful.  It is super nice that Benny's home and can do some of the cleaning during the day, so that we aren't doing it all in the evenings or on the weekends.

Perhaps the most pivotal thing we've done is to really streamline cleaning the bathrooms.  I've never minded cleaning the counters or toilets, but I LOATHE cleaning the shower.  I always liked the idea of the shower sprays that keep a clean shower clean, but I hated the chemicals in them and knowing that they were going into the air and water each time they got sprayed.  And I know it'd stay cleaner if I dried it after each use, but I had trouble remembering to do that in the morning rush.

But now, I have a solution, literally.  And it is so. simple.  One repurposed spray bottle.  One cup of white vinegar.  One cup of dish washing soap (I used Seventh Generation Lemongrass and Clementine).  That's it!  I heated the dish soap in the microwave a little to have it mix better with the vinegar, and you shake the bottle prior to each use.  Using this has majorly cut down on our time cleaning; no more scrubbing on hands and knees with homemade cleaner or Borax.  Now, you have to start with a clean shower, so that might be the challenge, but man is it worth it!

So, now we can literally clean the bathroom in 10 minutes on a weekend morning while the muffins bake for breakfast.  (Of course that doesn't include the deep cleaning of blinds, windows, etc., but a quick once over sure does help!)  And I love that it's totally green and low cost.

What about you?  Have you done anything to streamline your cleaning routine?  I'm on the hunt for a homemade stain remover to get tomato stains out of a little one's favorite shirt... any ideas?  Here's to living and saving green!

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